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She cute. #jovieraycole
Coffee is hot. All we need is you. @lifechurchhnv 10 | 11:30 | 1pm | 5pm | 6:30pm
This Weekend. @lifechurchhnv #sundaysetlist #lifechurchhnv 10 | 11:30 | 1pm | 5pm | 6:30pm
#TRUTH (thanks @byalextran ) #adele #adelehello
Date Night w the love of my life! Time to get our Mocking Jay Part 2 on!
Daddy / Zoë Time #zoëmaycole
Brandon w the win. 🏆
Back at it! Beautiful day to throw some discs. And yes that's a fanny pack. DG swag game on point! 😎
#tbt to #Lifegroup on Tuesday. Love growing with these people! #BetterTogether
We have fun at @switchhnv ! It's going down!
She made this face as I read through a little book she made for me. "8 bananas for Stephen. 6 clouds for Stephen, 6 flowers for Stephen, 10 squiggly lines for Stephen AND Stella.." I read each one she smiled more and more. #stelladaycole I love you more than any words could say. You remind me so much of of myself and I can't help but smile about it. You are a strong, outgoing, hilarious, beautiful girl and I hope you never change! You are the best you! Never forget how much your Daddy loves you.
This one got me. I can't wait for the day I get to baptize my girls. But until then I will celebrate all that God did today at @lifechurchhnv . UN-believable! Thank you Lord for those who declared their new self in You!
#stelladaycole 's noises got me rollin' ! 😂 #zoëmaycole #jovieraycole @mleamachinehousecole
These are my favorite weekends. Watching people celebrate their life in Christ. So many stories. So many lives made new. If you've commited your life to Christ and haven't been baptized, DO IT! Jesus tells us to. If you're in TN come on out to @lifechurchhnv & let's do this. Text "GetBaptized" to 313131. Can't wait!
tonight was 🔥
So much fun at @lifechurchhnv . Big Sunday has been awesome but it's about to get better. Inflatables, pumpkin painting, face painting AND one other special thing. But you'll only find out at Night Life 5pm | 6:30pm.
Day has been awesome so far! 3 more service you can attend! 1pm | 5pm | 6:30pm. There are inflatables and a ton of games going down! #lifechurchhnv #sundaysetlist
STAMPEDE!! 😱😱😱 #jovieraycole


We want to see people connect with the God of the universe

Filled with compassion and hope for the lost, worship leader and songwriter Stephen Cole commits himself to creating a place where people can be stripped of their hard hearts and enter the presence of the Lord. For youth, college-aged, and adults, he pours his heart into this endeavor. He currently leads at the Hendersonville, Tennennessee Campus of, and also travels with the Stephen Cole Band to different youth camps, conferences, and churches. He is driven by his desire not only to reach people but to authentically call them to a deeper place: a place where only honesty and a hunger for God exist.

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