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If you were at @lifechurchtv this weekend you were challenged to take one of these steps to feed your spirit. These re great reading plans to help you get a good start. I am going to be feeding my spirit with God's Word. Which will you choose?
This weekend is going to be great! Don't miss the last weekend of #AWayOut @lifechurchhnv ! #sundaysetlist #lifechurchhnv
Come ☔️ come ☀️ #sisters #jovieraycole #zoëmaycole
When you ask #stelladaycole to bring out some toys for her sister she ALWAYS delivers. #mygirl #jovieraycole
Cole's are about that yard work life today. #tobecontinued
there he is. In all his glory. #BentleyCooperCole #nationaldogday
@switchhnv is having a good time.
Love our mornings together on the way to school. We talk about school, my childhood, what she's excited about... Categories are endless. Then we pray for her day and she goes to class. I love my #stelladaycole so much. My first baby and she's so much like me I just have to smile. These moments are priceless. #CarTalk
...was blind but now I see. 👓 #warbyparker
Praying for these words this morning. For me, my family, & my church. Still smiling from yesterday!
• F L E A M A R K E T •
Yay for the weekend! 🎉 Tomorrow is going to be awesome. Sunday 10 | 11:30 | 1pm | 5pm | 6:30pm . You choose. 😁 #lifechurchhnv
#Thunderup ⚡️ #jovieraycole
Welcome to the world Asher! Glad we got to meet you today! Congrats @marypclarke and Bryan!
When you suffer from a disease, tragedy, or disability, try not to ask, "Why did this happen to me?" or "What did I do wrong?" Instead, ask God to give you strength for the trial and a clearer perspective on what is happening. (From @YouVersion ) #BibleApp #YouVersion #ReadingPlan
It's back folks. Get yo kids here! We keep it 💯 at @switchhnv !
And when I looked up, I saw the Lord.
This song will not go away. #WatchMe #zoëmaycole
Clowns. #stelladaycole #zoëmaycole
She is so excited! Glad I get to take her to school every day. I'll try not and walk her in every time. 😁 #StellaDayCole


We want to see people connect with the God of the universe

Filled with compassion and hope for the lost, worship leader and songwriter Stephen Cole commits himself to creating a place where people can be stripped of their hard hearts and enter the presence of the Lord. For youth, college-aged, and adults, he pours his heart into this endeavor. He currently leads at the Hendersonville, Tennennessee Campus of, and also travels with the Stephen Cole Band to different youth camps, conferences, and churches. He is driven by his desire not only to reach people but to authentically call them to a deeper place: a place where only honesty and a hunger for God exist.

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